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Questions and Answers

Can I try before payment starts?

Yes whether you opt for Monthly, Yearly or One Time, you will only be billed after 7 days of FREE Trial. So feel assured that you can try and see for yourself before getting billed.

Can I cancel Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. Mail us at [email protected] for the same

How licensing works?

As soon as you subscribe to our service you will receive License Key which you can enter in the software. License Key can't be used on multiple machines.

Is my Payment Secure?

Yes, we use PayPal for our subscriptions. We don't store any payment information at our end. Everything is secured end to end using SSL.

Which Operating System this software supports?

Currently it is tested on Windows 10 and 11. But it should support Windows Server too. Support for Mac and Linux is not there curretnly

What is included in my Trial?

Every feature is included during Trial