What is this Auto Activity Utility?
This is used to mimic human like activities on computer. This can be used for auto and random mouse movements, right clicks, left clicks, double clicks, keyboard input, switching applications, switching browser tabs and so on.
Who can use this?
This can be used by Freelancers or employees who are worried about time tracking softwares installed on their machine and they need to be active even if they have completed their task. This Auto Activity Utility can keep your system active for those use cases. Note that, this doesn't promote cheating because you are in any case going to be evaluated by the type of work done by you, this utlity only helps in taking genuine breaks without worrying too much about the tracking softwares,etc.
Can anybody else use this Auto Activity Uitlity apart from Freelancers, employess, etc?
This Utility has many use cases. Infact if you explore it you will find that it is fully customizable and can be used for many scenarios. For example, if you just want to click on your computer every 1 second, this can be used for. Or for example you simply want to keep your computer awake, and so on.
Can this be detected?
No, it can't be detected. Just configure it correctly or take help from support. This Utility has features to change it's EXE name, change it's ICON, change the Title text, etc. So it just can't be detected.
What about screenshots taken by Time Tracking Softwares?
This Utility has features which changes applications, does scrolling, does mouse movements, clicks, etc. So even if screenshots are taken, it will be different every time. So no worries on this front too. If you need help on configuring it correctly, just reach out to support.
Why are you so confident about this Utility?
This Utility is made by someone who knows this space and has been a TOP RATED developer on multiple platforms. So we know what is tracked and what not. But again, you should use this to take genuine breaks but never misuse it because in any case you have to deliver your work with the desired quality standards.
If I keep this Utility ON, will it not send too much activity which will arise suspicion?
No, you can configure it to send not more than say 8 hrs or Activity in a day. Or you can even configure it to send Activity from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM on weekdays only. You can even restrict it from sending Activities from say 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM. You just configure it correctly and this will work flawlessly.
Will it generate same amount of Activity every minute or so?
No, it generates different amount of activity every minute or 5 minute, etc. For example if you have set a range of say 5 to 50 Mouse Movements, then it will generate a random value from this range every time.
Why are there so many Features? It makes me confused.
Time tracking softwares are highly evolved and every individual has different style of working. So this Utility has been made to customize according to the needs of every user. If you are getting lost on the usage refer to HELP documents or reach out to Support, we will make sure you know how to use it and extract value from it.
Can I try before I pay?
Yes, every subscription comes with First 7 day of FREE TRIAL. So you will be billed on day 8 only. We believe in not charging any customer unless they see value in the product. So be assured, you can try and evaluate.
How can I cancel it?
Reach out to Support and they will help you on this.
I can't install on my computer as I don't have rights to do that?
This comes in ZIP format also. Just unzip it and RUN the EXE. No installation is needed.
It will be visible on my computer?
It can run completely HIDDEN.
What is the benefit of HOTKEY?
It's recommended to RUN it completely HIDDEN. Use HOTKEY to bring window back in case you need it.
What is this PIN Security?
This utility comes up with Security Feature which you can enable. So only you can see it even if the window is open.
What is Screen Lock? How is it useful?
This is a security feature. Explore docs for more information or reach out to support.