Why Use Kaizen Auto Mouse Mover and Clicker?

Keep Computer Active or Awake

If you are downloading a big file from the internet or your system is installing a critical update and you don't want your computer to go on standby or hibernation or screensaver, then this utility is just for you.

Or many times when you watch your favorite movie screensaver comes up. this utility will help you with that and  you can keep enjoying your movie uninterrupted.

Freelancers or Employees looking for a short break to relax

Your client or company keeps a tight watch on you and they have installed system monitoring software which tracks you continuously, then you can use this utility to take charge for some period of time without any adverse effect on your activity monitored by those time tracking software. This is not to cheat, judge by their work and not micro manage.

Activities  generated are exactly like humans and this software configured correctly can't be detected.

Auto Clicking every few seconds or minutes

If you are using some software which does some auto clicking say left click every 1 second then try this out, it is more robust and efficient. You can exactly specify how much clicks you want to do and at what frequency. Or you can set it to unlimited mode also.

Refreshing a web page

If you set it up correctly and you want a web page to refresh, then you can use this utility for that too.

Security inbuilt

Biggest security issue with softwares which generate activity on your behalf is that  you are not in front of your machine and someone can come and do mischief on your behalf. This software prevents that and when it starts generating activities, if anybody touches the mouse it will LOCK your screen. So you can always be relaxed from security point of view.

Many more use cases

This is built and customizable in hundreds of ways so you can use it at many places. If you want to know, feel free to connect with us and we will be happy to guide you.