Don't just set Goals

Track it. Achieve it.

Watch Product video to know the use case

Research shows you waste > 50% of your time

Trying to pick some skill? Want to learn a new programming language? Want to practice coding for your next job? Preparing for exams? For all these you will need to FOCUS and this is the biggest problem we have nowadays. In today's world with Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Emails, Youtube, Reels you just keep doing these for most part of the day and you keep on repeating these all day long. What's worse you have no idea how much time you are spending on these which is harming your progress.

Nirvana Focus will show you exactly where you are going wrong so you can take an action and zoom to your goals ahead.

It is no ordinary productivity tool. It works

There are many in the market, this is the only tool which is Desktop based. No internet required for analyzing where you went wrong. It shows you exactly where and when you went wrong. And if you get all green TICKS then smile you are on right track to awesomeness

Who Can benefit



Looking for job? Looking to learn new skill to help you grow. Then Nirvana Focus can help you stay in control.
Employees In today's world if you don't keep learning new things you stay behind. Set a monthly target and see how easy it is.
Just Anyone Anyone can benefit from Nirvana Focus. If you want to achieve something in a timely manner then just track it and achieve it.

Perfect GIFT by someone



Every parent wants their children to excel. Give this tool and help them effortlessly reach their goals.
Employers Instead of tracking employees and micro managing them, help them upskill using this tool.
Schools / Colleges You learn the most and prepare for the world in your schools and colleges. Why not promote something which will help grow.

How it works



Download installer from website


Run installer downloaded


Run program from Icon on Desktop


Configure it as per your need


Keep track of how you are doing.

No Recurring charges. No Data Leak

Recurring charges pains end user so we designed our product in such a way that you don't have to pay recurring charges every month or every year. All the useful analysis that you see is from the data on your system. This data never leaves your system. In today's world with AI coming into the picture, data theft and misuse is real. So you need ot worry on that too.